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Olympia Activists

Activists in the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater area

Olympia activists
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This is a community for grassroots activists in the Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater areas and surrounding areas to share their activist experiences and to discuss local issues or how world, national, or state issues affect the local area.

This community does not take official stances. It does not endorse the left, the right, the up or the down or the upside-down. A democracy requires its citizens be active according to their beliefs.

This community is not moderated for content or stance on an issue for now. The maintainers will choose to moderate it if forced to choose between that or abandoning the community, or if compelled to moderate it by the community membership at large.


This is a place to talk about local political demonstrations of any kind you wish to speak of.

This is a place to talk about any issue or candidate on the ballot in the local area.

This is a place to pitch a local political event - A political speaker, political concert, or grassroots fundraiser (Campus Democrats fundraiser okay - Democratic Party fundraiser not okay).

This is a place to debate or elicit a debate on any issue meeting the community guidelines.


This is not a place to talk about issues without giving any local spin on them. There are many communities in existence for broad scope issues.


And for God's sake, do not, under any circumstances, fail to dance. :D

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