It's HARD being Claire! (notasyouthink) wrote in olywa_activists,
It's HARD being Claire!

Stolen schoolbag

Hey everyone, I hope this doesn't upset any posting rules and/or gets a result.

My schoolbag got stolen out of my car last night in the very early morning, between 3AM and 9AM approx. It was a red/burgandy shoulder bag with a flap over top and many pockets inside. It has my ASL (American Sign Language) schoolbook with the name "Claire's" on the inside cover, my notebook (with red cover and lots of numbers in the back), my date planner, my WALLET with no cash but many many important things only to me E.G. my ID and school ID, and personal items. The bag also had a hard plastic bottle-shaped object that said "" on it, or something like that, and was black and red. I am a juggler and I'm learning flair bartending. Basically, a bunch of stuff that really wouldn't interest anyone but me. I am really really screwed without this stuff, there was my contract that I was supposed to hand in today in there and now my financial aid is going to fuck-up because I can't hand it in. This was really amazingly cruel of someone, and fairly useless for them. I just found out and am kinda in shock, and I thought I might try to get some help. Thank you for reading and maybe something will come up.

-Claire (if you find anything email me at

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