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5 arrested in connection with anti-cop riot at Evergreen


5 people were arrested this morning, and are facing felony charges in connection with the anti-cop riot at Evergreen a few weeks back. Jake Silberman, Peter Sloan, Chase Hill, Monica Ragan, and Nina Hinton are being held without bail, and have reportedly not been allowed to speak with attorneys. Their arraignment is tomorrow, Thursday the 6th, at Thurston County Superior Court, 3:30 pm, Building 2, Room 129. Please, if you can, come and show support for these folks being swept up in the police dragnet.

On the night of February 14th, a campus cop entered into a Dead Prez concert on the Evergreen campus and arrested a black man for alleged assault on the say-so of a small number of whites, even though everyone else present claimed it was those whites who had committed assault. The crowd from the concert followed the campus cop to her car, chanting "Let him go! Let him go!" They surrounded the car and refused to allow it to leave. Backup was called from Thurston County Sheriff's Department. They began to pepper spray the crowd, but the crowd had swollen to several hundred, and the Sheriff's Department could not contain the backlash. They were forced to retreat, abandoning one of their cars which would not start in time. Rioters flipped the car over, totalling it, and stealing the car's laptop and radar gun.

In the ensuing weeks, the Evergreen State College banned all concerts on campus until further notice. College President Les Purce promised that the school would pay Thurston County Sheriff's Department for all damages to the cop car. And Dean Ken Tabbutt ordered all Evergreen staff to turn over all documentation and e-mails, both official and personal, that related to the riot, citing a public request for the records under the Public Records Act.

For those of you who may personally be affiliated with any of this: I want to make sure folks know that gov't agencies have a history of trying to pin charges on random people if they don't know who actually did something, or if they don't have the goods on the people they suspect, as a way of making people talk: both the people they apprehend, and the people in the community who feel guilty watching the fed put pressure on innocent people. DO NOT feel more compelled to discuss the events of Feb 14th/15th because of these arrests. Maintain the wall of silence. Show solidarity for these folks by doing what you can to help ensure all unfair charges get dismissed. And be there in court to show your support.

P.S. That looks like our old friend Sheriff's Deputy Mike Hirte in one of the photos.
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