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Do yourself and the world a favor

Take ten minutes to do this and pass it on.

Which partisan candidate best represents your views?

If you want to do the research, brilliant(it will hurt your head)! otherwise, take a 5 minute Quiz:

Go here:
or here:

Now DONATE what you can to your top candidate(s) regardless of party. Even if it's five bucks. Even if you don't think they have a chance, help give them one, know you did SOMETHING to help. If you aren't eligible to donate, help spread the word, ask your friends, cross-post.

Send this to everyone you know. This is TIME SENSITIVE. Your candidate needs advertising money to reach the majority. The first primary is just over a month away, NOT a lot of time.

America's presidential campaign is not a 'horse race', this is serious, remember, it's YOUR tax money that these people will be spending on whatever they want.

Copy and post this, e-mail it, or just link to it:


Personally I've given what I can to one democrat and one republican while still affording food, gas and rent. If neither of them make the November 2008 ballot I'll be voting for and supporting an independent/'3rd party' candidate.
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