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Red and Black is the New Black and Gold [25 Jun 2009|03:00pm]

Vegans and Dumpster Divers will be Crushed by the Might of the Yunz Liberation Army!
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Olympia Animal Rights Blog [11 Dec 2008|03:50pm]


We'd love for you to participate! :)
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The Fourth Annual A World Beyond Capitalism Conference 2008 Invites Everyone to Join us! [12 Oct 2008|08:24pm]

The 2008 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference: 4 Years Strong, 3 Documentaries Recorded, 2 Ways To Join us, 1 Mission: Networking and Working Together to Create A World of Peace, A World of Equality: A World That is Beyond Capitalism!

Dear Olywa friends,

Please forward this announcement widely.
The Fourth Annual A World Beyond Capitalism Conference 2008 invites activists to come to Olympia, Washington on October 25th and 26th, 2008 and engage in educational discussion and visionary dialogue.
We believe in the need to reflect and imagine the future of the world beyond capitalism. We will emphasize the need for multi-lingual, long-term strategy through open dialogue and bridging political theory with non-violent practice.

To see the homepage of the A World Beyond Capitalism Conference please click the below link: http://www.aworldbeyondcapitalism.org

Everything is free!  As it should be!  We ask that those who are able to do so, please bring food to contribute to our free-of-charge potluck meals.  We have been able to provide free-of-charge meals each year at the AWBC only due to the kindness of those who contribute.

Location of all workshops: The Freeschool Community, 610 Columbia Street, Olympia, WA 98501.  Even if you can't make it to this peace conference, we hope you can join the our Community (that will have videos of some of the workshops later) that we call the Peace Communities Social Networking Website and Online Community with Member Profiles, Discussion Forum, Event Listings, Photos & Slideshows, Custom Video Players, Real-time Activity Stream and much more: http://www.peacecommunities.ning.com

The website for the conference is http://www.aworldbeyondcapitalism.org


The 2008 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference: 4 Years Strong, 3 Documentaries Recorded, 2 Ways To Join us, 1 Mission: Networking and Working Together to Create A World of Peace, A World of Equality: A World That is Beyond Capitalism!

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Rally at Port of Tacoma - Monday 8pm [03 Aug 2008|10:19pm]

While a dozen people lazily stood around the free speech kennel at the Port of Tacoma late Sunday afternoon, a police officer sitting in his car several feet away verbally threatened protest participants with assault by TASER, waving it in several peoples' direction before deciding on local activist Forrest Student. Student was shocked with the long distance barb TASER for twenty seconds before being collected and arrested. He has just been transferred from Tacoma General Hospital to jail. The jail's number is 253 798 4668.

Brutality like this will continue unless we stand our ground and show the establishment that repression will only help our numbers grow. We need as many people at the port Monday night as possible. A strong show of solidarity will make the police think twice about their casual brutality, and larger numbers ensure the safety of everyone (especially those who cannot get arrested and those who are susceptible to chemical weapons).


Monday August 4th, 8pm
Thorne and Lincoln on the port grounds.

Olympia carpool: Artesian well downtown - Leaves at 7pm

Love and Justice,
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Olympia Animal Rights Meeting at Fertile Ground Guesthouse (PIZZA!) [14 Jun 2008|12:02pm]

Olympia Animal Rights (OAR) has scheduled our next meeting to be at Fertile Ground Guesthouse on Monday, the 16th, at 5pm. There will be pizza!

Fertile Ground is providing vegan dough, sauce, and a cob oven. Bring your own toppings and beverages.
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Animal Liberation Conference at Tesc, May 10 & 11 [06 May 2008|09:34am]

More information here.
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New Olympia Food Coop Community on LJ! [24 Apr 2008|11:52am]

Great News!

There's now an olyfoodcoop community on LJ!

Hope to see you there!
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[06 Apr 2008|04:26pm]

biggest in history
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Stolen schoolbag [04 Apr 2008|10:20am]

Hey everyone, I hope this doesn't upset any posting rules and/or gets a result.

My schoolbag got stolen out of my car last night in the very early morning, between 3AM and 9AM approx. It was a red/burgandy shoulder bag with a flap over top and many pockets inside. It has my ASL (American Sign Language) schoolbook with the name "Claire's" on the inside cover, my notebook (with red cover and lots of numbers in the back), my date planner, my WALLET with no cash but many many important things only to me E.G. my ID and school ID, and personal items. The bag also had a hard plastic bottle-shaped object that said "barstore.com" on it, or something like that, and was black and red. I am a juggler and I'm learning flair bartending. Basically, a bunch of stuff that really wouldn't interest anyone but me. I am really really screwed without this stuff, there was my contract that I was supposed to hand in today in there and now my financial aid is going to fuck-up because I can't hand it in. This was really amazingly cruel of someone, and fairly useless for them. I just found out and am kinda in shock, and I thought I might try to get some help. Thank you for reading and maybe something will come up.

-Claire (if you find anything email me at tehclairemeister@gmail.com)

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Earthlings Screening at Capitol Theater on Monday at 6:30 PM [20 Mar 2008|02:46pm]

Information from OlyBlog
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5 arrested in connection with anti-cop riot at Evergreen [05 Mar 2008|01:11pm]


5 people were arrested this morning, and are facing felony charges in connection with the anti-cop riot at Evergreen a few weeks back. Jake Silberman, Peter Sloan, Chase Hill, Monica Ragan, and Nina Hinton are being held without bail, and have reportedly not been allowed to speak with attorneys. Their arraignment is tomorrow, Thursday the 6th, at Thurston County Superior Court, 3:30 pm, Building 2, Room 129. Please, if you can, come and show support for these folks being swept up in the police dragnet.

On the night of February 14th, a campus cop entered into a Dead Prez concert on the Evergreen campus and arrested a black man for alleged assault on the say-so of a small number of whites, even though everyone else present claimed it was those whites who had committed assault. The crowd from the concert followed the campus cop to her car, chanting "Let him go! Let him go!" They surrounded the car and refused to allow it to leave. Backup was called from Thurston County Sheriff's Department. They began to pepper spray the crowd, but the crowd had swollen to several hundred, and the Sheriff's Department could not contain the backlash. They were forced to retreat, abandoning one of their cars which would not start in time. Rioters flipped the car over, totalling it, and stealing the car's laptop and radar gun.

In the ensuing weeks, the Evergreen State College banned all concerts on campus until further notice. College President Les Purce promised that the school would pay Thurston County Sheriff's Department for all damages to the cop car. And Dean Ken Tabbutt ordered all Evergreen staff to turn over all documentation and e-mails, both official and personal, that related to the riot, citing a public request for the records under the Public Records Act.

For those of you who may personally be affiliated with any of this: I want to make sure folks know that gov't agencies have a history of trying to pin charges on random people if they don't know who actually did something, or if they don't have the goods on the people they suspect, as a way of making people talk: both the people they apprehend, and the people in the community who feel guilty watching the fed put pressure on innocent people. DO NOT feel more compelled to discuss the events of Feb 14th/15th because of these arrests. Maintain the wall of silence. Show solidarity for these folks by doing what you can to help ensure all unfair charges get dismissed. And be there in court to show your support.

P.S. That looks like our old friend Sheriff's Deputy Mike Hirte in one of the photos.
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Anti-cop rally - Tuesday on the 4th Ave bridge [17 Feb 2008|03:35pm]

What: Anti-cop rally
Where: Along the 4th Avenue Bridge in downtown Olympia
When: Tuesday, February 19, 3:30 - 6:00 pm
Who: Organized by Anti-Cop Olympia
Why: With strong feelings about local police, both from the riot at Evergreen and from the police brutality at the Port in November, now is the time to speak out against police aggression and intimidation. By establishing an anti-cop presence in our city, we can better counter the lies put out by the police and the corporate media, we can introduce PR consequences for police misconduct, and we will be in a better position to offer real support to the victims of police brutality.

This is a positive event. (Well, positive for everyone but the cops that is.) Traditional signs include "Fire all the cops," "Honk if you hate the cops," and "Cops are racist pigs." Use one of ours or make your own! (No direct threats and no profanity, please.)

Last summer, after a local activist was assaulted, anti-cop rallies gathered on the bridge every Tuesday for close to four months. Public support was overwhelming. Every day, I thought it would be a chore to stand out in the sun for two hours, and every day the endless smiles and waves and the cacophony of horns convinced me I was wrong. If you hate cops as much as I do, do yourself a favor and swing on by! :D

Love and Justice,

P.S. The cops threatened to identify rioters from videos taken the morning of the 15th. Those could be empty threats, but they could be for real. Anyone who is especially concerned about being identified as a participant in that event may want to not attend the anti-cop rally, not for the rally's sake, but for one's own. The cops will surely be watching us for identification purposes.
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Do yourself and the world a favor [29 Nov 2007|04:47pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Take ten minutes to do this and pass it on.

Which partisan candidate best represents your views?

If you want to do the research, brilliant(it will hurt your head)! otherwise, take a 5 minute Quiz:

Go here: http://selectsmart.com/president/2008.html
here: http://www.speakout.com/VoteMatch/senate2006.asp?quiz=2008
here: http://www.vajoe.com/candidate_calculator.html
or here: http://www.wqad.com/Global/link.asp?L=259460

Now DONATE what you can to your top candidate(s) regardless of party. Even if it's five bucks. Even if you don't think they have a chance, help give them one, know you did SOMETHING to help. If you aren't eligible to donate, help spread the word, ask your friends, cross-post.

Send this to everyone you know. This is TIME SENSITIVE. Your candidate needs advertising money to reach the majority. The first primary is just over a month away, NOT a lot of time.

America's presidential campaign is not a 'horse race', this is serious, remember, it's YOUR tax money that these people will be spending on whatever they want.

Copy and post this, e-mail it, or just link to it: http://community.livejournal.com/olywa_activists/46010.html


Personally I've given what I can to one democrat and one republican while still affording food, gas and rent. If neither of them make the November 2008 ballot I'll be voting for and supporting an independent/'3rd party' candidate.

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Tacoma Anarchist Bookfair Nov 3-4 [27 Oct 2007|12:20am]

Tacoma Anarchist Bookfair Nov 3-4

The bookfair is taking place the weekend of November 3-4 at Pitchpipe Infoshop 617 S 17th St (at G St) Tacoma, WA 98405

more bookfair info!Collapse )
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October 22 events in Olympia [21 Oct 2007|07:48pm]

Sorry this is so last-minute. It's been a juggling act lately.

Oct 22 is the National Night Out Against Police Brutality, but in Olympia, we've organized a Day Off against brutality. Join us for one, or for all, of the following events tomorrow:

*11:30 am - 1:15 pm --- Anti-cop rally on the 4th Avenue Bridge*
Hosted by Anti-Cop Olympia

Every Tuesday evening for the last three months, Anti-Cop Olympia has been
telling the community what they really think about the cops. Join them Monday,
Oct 22 for the lunch hour, or every Tuesday from 4-6 along the 4th Avenue

*2:30 pm - 5:00 pm --- Copwatch training*
Hosted by Olympia Copwatch

Learn how to observe and document police misconduct as it happens. One hour of
workshop training at Media Island (816 Adams Street), followed by field
training on the streets of Olympia.

*6:00 pm - 8:00 pm --- Night out against brutality*
Hosted by Oly Oct 22 Coalition and Students for a Democratic Society

A solemn night out to pay respects to local victims of police brutality. A
candlelight vigil and procession will begin at Heritage Park, and will make its
way through downtown Olympia, as organizers and guest speakers tell the history
of police brutality and repression in Olympia.
Join us for one event, or for the whole day! For more information, e-mail us at
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Olympia Animal Rights Vegan Potluck and Meeting [18 Oct 2007|10:40pm]

On Saturday, October 27th, at 5:30 PM there will be a vegan potluck for Olympia Animal Rights (OAR) at the Orange House at 1325 Tullis St NE. We are meeting to discuss future animal rights/vegan-related plans and actions which OAR will be involved with, including tabling, prisoner solidarity, film screenings, and much more.

Come take part in the potluck and help plan future activities and meetings!

Orange House
1325 Tullis St NE
Sat., October 27th
5:30 PM

Contact olympiaar@gmail.com for more information.
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[02 Oct 2007|06:41am]

Anyone know of any Burma rallies/events going on in Olympia?
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activists, everywhere: The 2007 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference: 3 Venues, 2 Cities, 1 Mission [28 Sep 2007|08:34pm]

 Dear activists in Oly and everywhere,

Please forward this announcement widely.

The 2007 A World beyond Capitalism Conference is an annual event of unparalleled access and outreach, and so it should be no surprise that we're going to try a radical 2-city approach to the AWBC this year: The Seattle, Washington venue will feature open forum networking amongst activists who desire a world free from capitalism, rather than speakers and topics. The Olympia venue will feature speakers and workshops from all over the world. Both events are completely free of charge.

The first portion of the ABWC on October 4th will be in Olympia, Washington. The first day of the conference, including lunch with free vegan and vegetarian food, will be held at the Millersylvania Park Environmental Learning Center (ELC). The ELC includes a dining hall/ kitchen, restrooms/ showers, one amphitheater, one private swim area, eight canoes, two rowboats, three Ballfields, plus a volleyball and a
horseshoe court so there will be plenty of room for break out groups.

The initial workshops (such as Theatre of the Oppressed at 1pm) will be taught here and there will be free time to enjoy the hiking trails and canoes, rowboats, ballfields, and the volleyball and a horseshoe court.

The ELC also has about 40 tables so people are free to exhibit on these tables with their non-corporate, non-government (and definitely non-politician) activist group material from 1pm-3pm.

Millersylvania Park is an 842-acre camping park with 3,300 feet of
freshwater shoreline on Deep Lake. The park, filled with trails, is
abundant in old-growth cedar and fir trees.

Millersylvania Park is located at 12245 Tilly Road South, Olympia,
WA, 98512.

Free shuttles to Millersylvania departs at 12noon on October 4th, 2007 from 225 Milroy Street NW, Olympia, WA 98502 and returns by 4pm on the same day.

There will also be many film festivals by night at other locations on October 4th and many classes, workshops by day on October 5th and as well as Riotfolk performing on October 5th!

The second portion of the AWBC will be in Seattle beginning on Saturday, October 20th, 2007. It will begin at 1pm.

The AWBC will officially end at 3pm on Oct 20th, 2007.

Location of Oct 20th event:
4001 - 9th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Everything is free…As it should be.

Love for the people,


The 2007 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference: 4 Days, 3 Venues, 2 Cities, 1 Mission: Networking and Working Together to Create A World of Peace, A World of Equality: A World That is Beyond Capitalism!

Zero Registration Fees…as it should be!

The Third Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference


PDF Schedule and Flyer:


Open office Schedule and Flyer:


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No Borders Camp Northwest Encuentro! [13 Sep 2007|12:52pm]

No Borders Camp Northwest Encuentro!

*forwarded from No Borders Camp*

No Borders Camp Northwest Encuentro!

Read more...Collapse )
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Vegan Potluck on Friday, September 7 [02 Sep 2007|05:30pm]

There will be a vegan potluck at Sunny Tree Vegetarian FoodMart on Friday, Sept. 7 starting at 5pm.
Join us for some great food!!
Bring a vegan dish and your own plate, silverware, etc.
Organic juices and teas may be purchased at Sunny Tree.

Please pass on the invitation to other interested parties and we hope to see you there!

Sunny Tree Vegetarian FoodMart
131 Decatur St. NW
Olympia, WA 98502
(360) 943-9633
(360) 943-9727 </strong>

What is a vegan? (from the American Vegan Society)
VEGANS (pronounced VEE-guns) Live on products of the plant kingdom.
Veganism is compassion in action. It is a philosophy, diet, and lifestyle.
Vegans exclude flesh, fish, fowl, dairy products (animal milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, etc.), eggs, honey, animal gelatin, and all other foods of animal origin.

Practice Peace on your plate...go vegetarian!

"It is the position of the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada that appropriately planned vegetarian diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases."

"Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today's most serious environmental problems," senior UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) official Henning Steinfeld said. "Urgent action is required to remedy the situation."
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